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Crescent Technologies

The Country's Pioneer in CAD/CAE Education

About Us

Brief History

Originally registered as General Engineering and Computer Training Center in June 1988, it was officially incorporated at the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 6, 1991 as Crescent Technologies Institute, Inc.

The founders were engineering professionals with extensive industry experience local and abroad. It was while working in Saudi Arabia, for example, with engineers and architects from Canada, Europe and Asia, that one of the founders saw the weaknesses (as well as strength) of Filipino professionals, at least in comparison with foreign professionals. And if the Filipinos need to compete in the job market clearly there was a tremendous need for training especially in advanced computer technology. Thus, the birth of Crescent Technologies.

Our Mission and Vision

Crescent Technologies is committed to provide high-quality education on the use of CAD/CAE software. Its vision: To bridge the gap between school and the industry. Often heard complaint of engineers, architects and other professionals fresh from school is that their school training does not adequately prepare them to work. Worst, school curriculum is outdated if not irrelevant. It was with the above stated vision that Crescent Technologies was established in 1988.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Professional Training: Crescent Technologies is committed solely to professional training. The sites have met stringent requirements to assure instructional excellence.

As our commitment to you we pledge:

  • Qualified instructors
  • Hands-on training
  • A workstation for every student
  • Standardized courses
  • Industry-standard equipment
  • A professional training environment

Awards and Recognitions

Crescent Technologies has continuously supported local educational institutes and engineering organizations by way of seminars and workshops. In recognition of these efforts and its contribution to the development of Information Technology in the country, Crescent Technologies, through its officials, has received numerous awards, like the election of its President and Founder as the Most Outstanding Mechanical Engineer in Entrepreneurship and the Most Outstanding Mechanical Engineer in Information Technology.

In recognition of its quality training, Crescent Technologies was a recipient of the following awards given by Autodesk, Inc. (USA):

  • Excellence in Training - Given by Autodesk (USA) in Anaheim, California, USA, June 1992
  • Excellence in Enrollment - Given by Autodesk (USA) in Anaheim, California, USA, June 1992
  • Training Quality Award - Given by Autodesk (Singapore) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2000

Contact Numbers

  • Manila:
  • PLDT: 735.4444
  • Mobile:
  • Globe:0927.795.9061
  • Email:

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